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Group Trip to Thailand: Beachfront villa for $60/night per person?!?

     Thailand is one of the best places in the world if you are looking for a luxury experience for a fraction of the cost. One US dollar is equal to 32 Thai baht… meaning our money goes very far there. You can get full meals for $3, massages for $10, and individual rooms in the heart of the city for $20 a night.

     This post focuses on you getting your squad together and spending time near the beautiful beaches in Phuket, Thailand.  All of these locations are under $65 per person, one even as low as $37.80. A few are in walking distance to the beach, while others just have a beach view.  A few even offer chef services!  Couple this with the affordability of Thailand you can easily do a week vacation for less than $600.

Click on the pictures to see the full description of each location.  If you decide to book, use my AIBNB code to save $40! 


Beds: 10
Sleeps: 16+

$37.80 for 10 ppl


Beds: 7
Sleeps: 10

$59for 10 ppl


Beds: 4
Sleeps: 8

$56 for 4 ppl


Beds: 10
Sleeps: 15

Approximately $62.50 for 10 ppl


Sleeps: 12

$55 for 6 people