Current Works

Zarah Charm is a multidisciplinary artist whose work extends through digital media, photography, and hair artistry. Her style, which is greatly influenced by both her career as a natural hair stylist and her international travels, explores themes of freedom, community, and Blackness. 

In 2012, Zarah began her journey in the natural hair industry as a stylist. Over the years she has styled well over 3000 clients, worked with celebrities and major brands (Tidal, Essence Magazine, Jane Carter, Taliah Waajid and Carol’s Daughter),  and received awards and accolades for both her salon and her creative styling ability. Her specialty, natural hair, made her work distinctive, unique, and incomparable. 

In 2018, Zarah made a huge shift in her life and transitioned to life abroad.  Through her explorations, her beliefs around freedom, community, and beauty drastically changed. She recognized how limited her previous viewpoint was and has dedicated her time to sharing the importance of travel to everyone she meets. “It is through seeing the world from a higher vantage point that you can create a better you.” This change in perspective gave her the courage to leap into the world of WEB3 in 2021. Today she is an artist in the NFT space, using her talents to forming a beauty archive- embedding her creations in the blockchain to forever be memorialized for future generations.