Zarah Charm

Creator of #NFTPassportProject

What is the NFT Passport Project?

The NFT Passport Project is an initiative to provide Black Americans with passports. For every NFT Crypto Art sale, a portion will go towards the overall goal of supplying 1500 people with the gift of worldwide travel.
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Zarah Charm, who spent the past two years traveling through Asia and South America, strategically chose to sell works on the blockchain versus the traditional market. “After a piece is sold, it can continue to cycle funds to the project through sales on the secondary market, creating a beautiful synergy between tech, creativity, and exploration.” With a goal of providing 1500 passports in 2021, the vision for the NFT Passport Project is for the views of passport ownership and travel  to drastically change from a luxury experience to a necessary privilege.


Who is Zarah Charm?

Zarah Charm is an artist whose work extends through digital media, photography, poetry, and hair artistry. Her art, which is greatly influenced by her international travels, explores themes of freedom, creative imagination, and Blackness. 

How Can I Support?

View and bid on available art here

Interested In Getting Your Passport?


*Before applying, please be sure to check out and review the application process.

*Our recipients must meet the following qualifications: 

-United States citizens

-Black Americans

-First time passport applicants

Instagram: @ZarahCharm
Twitter:  @ZarahCharm